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A340H Performance Transmission
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GM Transmission Coolers Misc. Other

GM Transmission Coolers Misc. Other
GM transmission coolers and other misc.trans products
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SKU: 1648
This convenient oil-based solvent saves time and money for general service and repair shops. It will prevent contaminating new or rebuilt transmissions you install.
SKU: 1941
Full length locking dipstick
SKU: 1942
Shorty locking type dipstick and tube for Powerglide applications
SKU: 1646
Supplements oil pan filter, easy to replace.
SKU: 1893
IPT T-Shirt- Black 100 percent cotton
SKU: 1917
IPT Decals- Black
SKU: 1896
IPT Decals- white, 2 per package.
SKU: 1926
Powerglide bushing kit
SKU: 1938
Reusable Duraprene gasket and race style filter.
SKU: 1647
Transmission assembly lube
SKU: 1918
VACUUM MODULATOR- adjustable red stripe performance type